Covid-19 Updates

Attention members,

The Ontario government has changed the rules for reopening.
Fitness clubs/gyms are now only allowed to open in stage 3 of their new plan.
The new plan provides no specific dates, but it appears possible by the end of July.

Let’s hope they can speed things up and we can open sooner
Stay healthy Ottawa!

All monthly memberships will be put on hold April 2nd, and will resume billing once the gym re-opens.
All pre paid memberships will be credited time upon reopening.

Thank you and stay safe

Brian & Irene

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Covid-19 Measures

Several things may be a little different when you return to the gym. We have taken various steps to ensure a safer experience for everyone: Below is a list of some things to keep in mind

  1. Gym capacity is limited to 10 people per booking to ensure space for social distancing.
  2. You are requested to book your workout on our schedule which is located on our website. Please show up only at the time of your booking and leave before your 60 minutes workout time ends (Do not linger in the hallways, wait outside the building if you are early).
  3. You must certify that you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms and do a self assessment before each workout. (Please check off the box in the pre-booking questionnaire).
  4. NEW You must maintain 3 meters or 9ft apart in the cardio and weights areas, so please use every other machine.  This may require you to use another machine or wait until there is enough space.  If this rule is not followed we will be required to permanently tape off some machines from usage.
  5. Upon entering the gym we will verify your booking at the front desk.  We are taking daily temperatures during staffed hours and we ask that you always sanitize your hands upon entry and exit of the facilities.
  6. We provide spray bottles and towels for wiping your equipment.
  7. Members are required to wipe machines before and after usage.  Please recycle your towel on exit and return your spray bottle to its location.
  8. No members may enter if they have any of the following symptoms: Fever, cough, sore throat, or if they feel unwell.
  9. Please maintain proper social distance at all times in the building other than the cardio and weights areas (6ft or 2m). We have marked off spacing in the entrance, and various areas throughout the gym.
  10. Wearing a mask is required at all times in the gym, change rooms, hallways etc… Thank you!
  11. We have installed a sneeze guard at the front desk along with the trainers desk.
  12. Our equipment has been spaced to accommodate proper social distancing, this means some of our cardio equipment will be turned off, and some smaller items have been removed.
  13. We have supplied hand sanitizers at various locations, along with sanitary wipes and hospital grade COVID-19 approved disinfectant for cleaning equipment.
  14. Our gym is located on a second floor and we do not allow dropping, or slamming of weights.  No Olympic/Cross Fit style lifting permitted!
  15. Please put your weights away when you are finished using them for the courtesy of other members!
  16. The change rooms are accessible, but we request that showers not be used at this time.
  17. We have removed the large scale in the gym area and replaced it with digital step on scales in both change rooms.
  18. We have installed a H.E.P.A. filters in reception, and the stretching room. We will also open our windows throughout the day for increased ventilation when possible.
  19. The water fountain is turned off for safety. Remember to bring your own water bottle. We will also be selling bottled water at reception .
  20. We have taped off individual workout spaces 3m apart in the free weights and stretching areas, please do not remove benches from these spaces.
  21. We are doing extra cleaning throughout the day and wiping high touch areas in the gym, so please do your part as well and help us maintain a safe, clean and fun place to exercise.
  22. Remember that we are all in this together so be patient and respectful of fellow members, and staff. We will be doing our best to serve you and keep you safe. Thank you!


Stay Safe